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So here’s something I’ve been keeping bottled up for the past few months: my sci-fi novel, UNEXPECTED RAIN, has been picked up for publishing by Harper Voyager, as part of a three-book deal. The initial publishing date is set for July 7th, 2015 and we’ll plan to get (Untitled) Book 2 out Summer 2016, and (Untitled) Book 3 in Summer 2017. Check out the announcement in this press release on

Initially, these books will be available as ebooks only, followed by a limited run of paperback. This seems like a downer, but it’s actually a Good Thing. Harper Voyager (which is an imprint of HarperCollins) is able to reduce the risk of taking on a debut author like myself because they’re not going to print thousands of physical copies of the book that could potentially sit in a warehouse somewhere, unsold. Instead, they can put their investments and efforts into editing and marketing. Because Voyager focuses on speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy/horror/etc), they know that many of their readers are tech-friendly and are not shying away from the digital revolution.

For a few years, there was (and still is) some question as to how the publishing industry should react to the changing environment. The Impulse line from Harper Voyager is an excellent example of a publisher showing some agility, taking queues from the success of indie and self-publishers who have excelled with ebook sales. I’m very excited and proud to join Voyager in the mission to continue to deliver quality stories to readers in whatever format makes the most sense for all stakeholders: author, reader, and publisher.

I need your help! As a debut author, I really need the support of readers, friends, and family to get my work out into the world. So please, feel free to forward this to anyone you know that would be interested in checking out a new sci-fi author! Samples of my work can be found here on my website.

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Thanks to all those who have supported me and my writing over the years. Here’s to much more storytelling to come!

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Jason LaPier is the author of Unexpected Rain, an interstellar murder mystery that reviewers have called "unexpectedly unique" and an "homage to past masters". Learn more about this noir SF novel that kicks off a trilogy.

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Jason W. LaPier is a multi-genre writer, delving into science fiction, speculative fiction, horror, slipstream, literary fiction, and surrealism. Originally from Upstate NY, Jason now lives in Portland, OR with his wife and their dachshund. By day, he is a software engineer at Elemental Technologies, where he creates the kinds of virtual worlds that actually do something. He is always in search of the perfect Italian sandwich.

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