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Here’s the deal. I wrote a standalone novelette that takes place in the same universe as The Dome Trilogy. It’s only about 11,000 words, or about 38 pages. Longer than a short story, but still probably less than an hour’s read. By buying it, you can help out a couple of charities.

I just published the Kindle version of this story, and it’s available for $0.99. It’s pretty short, so be aware of what you’re getting for your buck.

Dog Star NightOn a tiny moon of Sirius-7, settlers struggle to brave the elements, work the land, and live in peace. Governor Calhool doesn’t have the authority to raise a military beyond a handful of marshals and her budget doesn’t have room to pay for policing services from a contractor. When an off-world criminal element increases activity on Poligart, Calhool has no choice but to accept their measly bribes and look the other way as they take free run of the capital city. The situation comes to a head when one of the marshals stuns a thug who was attempting to kidnap a twelve-year-old girl. The stun is too much for a heart weakened by years of drug abuse and when it gives out a few days later, the gang declares open-season on Calhool and her marshals. Matters only get worse when four members of a rival gang drop by Poligart for some R&R and find the capital city on lockdown, heating up and ready to boil over.

From now until the end of Wednesday, December 27th (2017), for every sale of Dog Star Night, I will donate a dollar to Free Geek and a dollar to the Children’s Book Bank.

cbb-150Children’s Book Bank: Children living in poverty often enter kindergarten lacking the foundational skills critical for learning to read. The Children’s Book Bank was created to fill that void by engaging the community in collecting, sorting, and distributing donated children’s books.


freegeekFree Geek: Free Geek’s mission is to sustainably reuse technology, enable digital access, and provide education to create a community that empowers people to realize their potential.


But wait … there’s more! Aside from being a famous science fiction author, I coffee up every morning for another job, where I pose as a mild-mannered software engineer at AWS Elemental. Our company has agreed to try out a matching donation program this year, and so the dollar I send to CBB will become two dollars, and the dollar I send to Free Geek will become two dollars.

Get it? You buy a book for 99 cents, and we donate four dollars to charity.

By the way, the AWS in AWS Elemental is Amazon Web Services. That’s right, we’re part of Amazon. So you buy this ebook, and you get to make Amazon give two dollars to charity.

(Note that eBay is also matching donations to Free Geek this year, up to $10,000. So it’s possible for your purchase to result in $3 going to Free Geek, as well as the $2 to CBB. Also note that I didn’t put a cap on my own donation limit, but $10,000 sounds like a nice round number.)

So please, take advantage of this cash hack and help these organizations, so they can in turn continue to make sure kids get access to books and people get access to computers. Education, literacy, bridging the digital divide: these are real goals that make our country – and our world – great.

Buy the Dog Star Night ebook today!

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Jason LaPier is the author of Unexpected Rain, an interstellar murder mystery that reviewers have called "unexpectedly unique" and an "homage to past masters". Learn more about this noir SF novel that kicks off a trilogy.

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Jason W. LaPier is a multi-genre writer, delving into science fiction, speculative fiction, horror, slipstream, literary fiction, and surrealism. Originally from Upstate NY, Jason now lives in Portland, OR with his wife and their dachshund. By day, he is a software engineer at Elemental Technologies, where he creates the kinds of virtual worlds that actually do something. He is always in search of the perfect Italian sandwich.

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