Unexpected Rain

A space age noir murder mystery and Book 1 of The Dome Trilogy by Jason LaPier.

Unexpected Rain
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“An unexpectedly unique, science fiction, mystery … strong character development in this solid debut … the engaging plot kept me pulled in to the very end.”

“I really enjoyed Unexpected Rain. I like the world LaPier has created and think there is a lot of potential for more stories in his universe.”
– Invested Ivana, One Book Two (OneBookTwo.com)

“The unravelling of events, the setting (a future world that is so well realised, so coherent, so believable, you don’t think twice about it), and the characters all meld to provide a great read. And an ending that hints that we might just be seeing more of the main characters. I certainly hope so.”
Graeme K. Talboys, author of Stealing Into Winter

“A thrilling blend of sci-fi and murder mystery … with an interesting but not heavy-handed emphasis on the language of programming, this is a tale not to be missed for fans of exciting, fast-paced science fiction.”
Nathan Garrison, author of Veiled Empire

“This book was amazingly entertaining … LaPier does a great job painting his Sci-Fi world in the reader’s mind and creating a sense of boundless adventure.”
Ingrid Seymour, author of Ignite the Shadows

Everything you could want from an exciting intergalactic thriller … looking forward to more cosmic murder from the author.”
Terry Newman, author of Detective Strongoak and the Case of the Dead Elf

Jack Jackson – just “Jax” to his friends, if he had any – finds his life turned upside-down when a small, domed neighborhood on the fourth planet orbiting Barnard’s Star loses life support on his watch. Just a lowly operator, Jax is accused of mass homicide, arrested, and faced with a mound of impossible evidence against him.

His only ally is Stanford Runstom, an officer of Modern Policing and Peacekeeping. Runstom is a detective at heart, passed over for promotion time and time again, just waiting for a chance to blow open a meaningful case and make something of his career and his life, even if it means risking everything.

Together, the two will try to exonerate Jax by finding the real killer, still at large and protected by layer upon layer of obscurity. They’ll face off against space gangs, greedy politicians, and corrupt cops along the road that takes them off the planet Jax has never left before in his life and into the depths of space.

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Unexpected Rain is available now as an ebook from Harper Voyager, with a paperback release to follow on November 5th, 2015. Get notified of the release by signing up for the newsletter at the top of this page.

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Unexpected Rain is the first book of The Dome Trilogy. Book 2, Unclear Skies, was released in February 2016. Book 3, Under Shadows, was released in July 2017.

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